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Are you looking for a list of the best chairs for programming?
Here, in this article, we have come up with a list of the 10 best chairs for programming in India since we care for your wellbeing.
You almost spend much of the workday sitting in a chair as a programmer, software developer, software engineer, or tester. Programming is a tough job, especially for the back in particular. You spend your whole life at a desk staring at the code and finding the errors, right. So, it is highly essential for your job and wellbeing that you get a very convenient and ergonomic chair.
Computer work has transcendent advantages and opportunities but takes much attention. Programmers can create new and innovative projects but also have to work correctly. People are more likely to get distracted if they complain about back pain and have a poor stance.
Undoubtedly, you can work anywhere, whether seated or in a standing posture, with a laptop. With work from home rising as a new trend and the need, for now, people have molded themselves to work accordingly. However, these choices don’t necessarily build the best environment for coding and other IT jobs. 
Why Do You Need a Good Chair?
You can physically sense the effects of operating from a chair if you have programmed for some amount of time. It would help if you never neglected which chair you’re sitting on, as it can contribute to the back, spine, elbows, knees, hips, and even circulation problems.
Most programmers and developers work at desks and sometimes suffer from several health problems, such as spinal disorders, maladaptation of the spine, and hernia. These complications commonly result from the long-term sitting on a poor-quality chair.
Traditional chairs do generally not embrace certain structural parts of the body, such as the spine, spine, legs, and arms, leading to dolor, stiffness, and muscle pain. Not only can an ergonomic office chair be velvety and cozy but ergonomically built to protect the backrest and arm to prevent health problems.
So, it is essential not only for programmers but also for those who work 8-10 hours on a computer to get a good chair for the correct seating and posture. 
So, let’s get started!
Before moving to the list of chairs directly, let us first understand the factors that one should be looking at before investing in the ideal chair.
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Factors for Choosing Best Chair for Programming
Here are the three most important factors that you should know when buying an ergonomic chair:
Material of Chair
Always remember, don’t just go with the appearance and design of the chair. The chair may look spectacular, but it may not have the materials to make you feel pleasant and comfortable in the long run. At the time of purchasing a chair, make sure you have sufficient knowledge of the material used to build a chair. 
Seat Adjustability
The advantage of adjusting the chair is well-known by the people who have suffered back pain and other issues with a traditional chair that lack adjustability. When looking for a good chair, seat height, armrest, backrest, and rotation are some of the few aspects that should be considered. 
Chair Structure
This is one of the most crucial points every programmer should look at, as the correct structure of the chair leads to the better posture of your spine, eliminating back pain, spine injury, and hip pain, and others.
10 Best Chairs for Programming in India
Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S)

Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) is multi-functional, ergonomic, and one of the best chairs for programming. Besides, this chair is also a perfect match for pro gamers with utmost comfort, excellent features, and larger size. It comes in two sizes, ‘S’ suitable for height 5ft.2″ to 5ft.10″ and ‘T’ for 5ft.8″ to 6ft.5″.
In addition, the ultimate monster chair comes with premium soft and breathable tissue that provides airflow to keep the air moving on your back to improve the airflow, avoiding heat accumulation. Also, the chair comes with a three years manufacturing warranty. 
Metal internal frame material, large frame size, and spandex fabric with PU leather
Neck/head pillow, lumbar pillow, and molded type foam made of velour material
Any position lock, adjustable backrest angle of 90-180 degrees, and deer mechanism
Rocking range of approx 15 degrees, 60mm dual caster wheels, and heavy-duty metal base
Amazon Rating: 4.6/5

CELLBELL Ergonomic Chair

CELLBELL Gaming Chair is committed to making the best gaming and programming chair for professionals with a wide seating space. The arms of this chair are ergonomically designed and have a height-adjustable Up and Down PU padded armrest.
The chair also comes with adjustable functions to adapt to various desk height and sitting positions. It consists of highly durable PU fabric, with height adjustment and a removable headrest. It has a high backrest that provides good balance as well as back and neck support.
Reclining backrest from 90 to 155 degrees, 7cm height adjust armrest, and 360-degree swivel
Lumbar cushion for comfortable seating position and lumbar massage support
Durable casters for smooth rolling and gliding
Ergonomic design with adjustable height Up and Down PU padded armrest
Amazon Rating: 4.7/5

Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Study Chair

The Simple Designed Mid mesh chair, Green Soul, allows breathing and back and thighs to be supported when operating for extended hours. The chair is fitted with a high-level height control feature that includes a smooth and long-term hydraulic piston.
Additionally, the chair also boasts a rocking mode that allows enhanced relaxation, tilting the chair between 90 to 105 degrees. A tilt-in friction knob under the char makes rocking back smoother.
Internal metal frame, head/neck support, lumbar support, and push back mechanism
Back upholstery mesh material, nylon base, 50mm dual castor wheels, and four different color options
Height adjustment, Torsion Knob, comfortable tilt, and breathable mesh
Pneumatic control, 360-degree swivel, lightweight, and thick molded foam seat
Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

CELLBELL C104 Medium-Back Mesh Office Chair

This chair provides extra comfort to users with an extended seating time through breathable comfort mesh that gives additional support for the lumbar. Its ergonomic backrest design fits the spine curve, reducing the pressure and back pain, enhancing more comfort.
Silent casters with 360-degree spin, Breathable mesh back, and streamlined design for the best spine fit
Thick padded seat, Pneumatic Hydraulic for seat Height adjustment, and heavy-duty metal base
Tilt-back up to 120 degrees, 360 degrees swivel, control handle, and high-density resilient foam
Sturdy plastic armrest, lightweight, and budget-friendly
Amazon Rating: 4.4/5

INNOWIN Jazz High Back Mesh Office Chair

Another best chair for programming and gaming is INNOWIN Jazz high chair, ideal for people having height below 5.8″. The chair is highly comfortable and comes with ergonomic lumbar support and a glass-filled nylon structure with breathable mesh. 
The chair offers the height adjustability of the arms that allows users with different heights to find the correct posture for their body. The lumbar support on this chair provides proper back support for prolonged usage, reducing back pain.
Innovative any position lock system, in-built adjustable headrest, and 60 mm durable casters with a high load capacity
Height-adjustable arms, glass-filled nylon base, high-quality breathable mesh, and class 3 gas lift 
45 density molded seat, sturdy BIFMA certified nylon base, and synchro mechanism
Amazon Rating: 4.4/5

Green Soul Beast Series Chair

Adjustable lumbar pillow, headrest, racing car bucket seat, and neck/head support
Adjustable 3D armrest, back support, shoulder and arms support, thighs and knees support
Breathable cool fabric and PU leather, molded foam, butterfly mechanism, and rocking pressure adjustor
Adjustable back angle between 90 to 180 degrees, 60mm PU wheels, nylon base, and 360-degree swivel
Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

Green Soul New York Chair

The New York chair has a mesh for respiration and a professional and managerial design that ensures relaxation for a day long. This chair is one the best chairs for programming with a knee tilt to relax at any position between 90 to 105 degrees.
Moreover, High Back Green Soul New York Ergonomically built Mesh Office Chair offers the correct stance and supports the body thoroughly. The airy mesh keeps your rear calm and relaxed during the day.
Breathable mesh, Height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, and ultra-comfortable cushion
Nylon and glass frame material, adjustable headrest and seat height, and any position tilt lock
Fully adjustable lumbar support, T-shaped armrests, thick molded foam, and heavy-duty metal base 
Amazon Rating: 4.2/5

FURNICOM Office/Study/Revolving Computer Chair

This office chair has high-quality soft padding on the back and thick molded foam, and the fabric polishing on this seat also supports the build-up of heat and moisture to keep your entire body calm and relaxed. It is also easier to lift or lower the chair with pneumatic control. The chair features a padded seat as well as the back, which offers long-day sheer comfort.
Spine shaped design, breathable fabric upholstery, durable lever, and personalized height adjustment
Rocking side tilt, 360-degree swivel, heavy metal base, torsion knob, and handles for comfort
Rotational wheels, thick molded foam on seat, and soft molded foam on the back
Amazon Rating: 4.2/5

INNOWIN Pony Mid Back Office Chair

Any position lock system, glass-filled nylon base, and class 3 gas lift
Breathable mesh for a sweat-free backrest, 50 mm durable casters with a high load capacity, and 45 density molded seat
Adjustable headrest, height-adjustable arms, lumbar support for up and down movement
Minimalist design, Sturdy BIFMA certified nylon base, and synchro mechanism with 122 degrees tilt
Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

CELLBELL C103 Medium-Back Mesh Office Chair

Silent casters with 360-degree spin, Breathable mesh back, and streamlined design for the best spine fit
Thick padded seat, Pneumatic Hydraulic for seat Height adjustment, and heavy-duty metal base
Tilt-back up to 120 degrees, 360 degrees swivel, control handle, and high-density resilient foam
Sturdy plastic armrest, lightweight, and budget-friendly
Amazon Rating: 4.4/5

Finding a suitable chair for yourself with all the features is not hard, But what more important is which chair you go with from so many available options. To help you with that, we have curated the list of ten best chairs for programming in India. 
Buying a perfect ergonomic chair is highly essential, especially in times when the pandemic is rising, and the new normal work from home is elevated. We highly suggest that no one should be work sitting/lying on a bed, on the couch, or in any position that may affect your health. It will help if you go with an ideal chair to keep your body posture correct, reducing body issues and increasing work efficiency.
Please share your valuable comments regarding the list of best chairs for programming.
Cheers to healthy work life!

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