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Computers are the programmed devices designed to perform the calculation work in a fast pace and accurate manner. These are the machines that can perform the manual work with its automated process. Even it has capabilities to solve complex problems and process data in a simplified manner. Computers can store, retrieve and do many other advanced level work with the command of the user.Generally, computers are designed and developed to execute calculation-related work.But now the modern personal computers to advanced ones are capable of doing a lot more things. Hence it is crucial to know the advantages and disadvantages of computers. Thus, today we will discuss them.Advantages of Computer1. Data SecurityComputers can also save the data such as photos, media, applications, and other files you want to protect. You can use data encryption or critical management features that can protect those data from unauthorized use. In simple terms, you can use lock or pin protection to save your stored files on the computer.2. AccuracyThey are not only fast and multipurpose devices, but they are also accurate. In most cases, computers provide more accurate calculations than the ordinary mind. From simple to complex problems, you can expect a maximum level calculation.3. MultitaskingMultitasking is one of the significant advantages of the computer these days. As they can do various tasks assigned to them with the help of their operator. A computer can play the song, browse, play a game, email, and store files. There are thousands of other things as well that a computer can do easily.4. ProductivityManual tasks take double the time and give only limited output. When you implement your hard skills with computer devices, it can automatically double your working output. Hence it is also a core advantage of computers as they boost productivity.5. SpeedComputers are fast because they can compute the calculation within seconds. And hence it is one of the most significant advantages of using computer devices. They can help humans to get the result faster of the calculation and make better use of that. With speed, it can save huge time which we can invest in other essential work to increase efficiency and productivity.6. Reduce WorkloadIf the person does all the tasks by themself, then there are higher chances that they can duplicate the thing. But it can be avoided as the computer handles all the data. With several features, it can be avoided. Thus, by using these features, you can save plenty of hours and reduce the workload.7. Colossal StorageThere is already an inbuilt memory that can store the data without any issue. And allow you to use it whenever you need those from its stored location.Disadvantages of Computer1. Increase CybercrimeOnline cyber crimes mean posting some violent things and affecting the emotion of people, so they do some violent activity. It also includes fraud and many other similar crimes to harm people. Now people face many activities and lose their hard-earned money. Thus, if you use computer devices, you should stay more conscious and aware of such threats.2. VirusNow the hackers are using a virus to get unauthorized access to our personal computers for illegal purposes. It can crash the system and take some sensitive data from your device. Hence it is a crucial disadvantage of a computer that a user of a computer must know.3. Can Distract StudentsMost of the students purchase computers and laptop devices to get help with their school work. But after purchasing, they spend hours watching youtube videos, playing games, and doing other activities for entertainment purposes. Thus, we can not ignore this disadvantage of computers as the young generation waste many hours.4. CostlyNow the prices of computers have decreased, and people can purchase these. But still, many low-income people can not afford such devices. As it’s still costly for them, even for the middle-class family. Thus, the costliness of the computer is also a disadvantage of computers, and not all people can purchase these devices.5. Decrease Employment OpportunityAs computers do the work of many people, hence it has reduced employment opportunities. Also, the people who did not know how to use a computer lost their jobs and are now struggling to find work. Now there is less labor work than earlier, and computers are decreasing job opportunities in many other fields.6. Produce Plastic and Other WasteComputers are made of partly plastic and other material as well. Most of the laptops and other devices use hard plastic material, which is durable and cost-effective. However, when these products get old and do not work, it is listed as waste, and companies do a next-level thing to make it for use. During this process, it creates waste which is going to increase the burden on natural resources.ConclusionComputer devices are essential for the modern world as they do many things of our need and agile the process. But still, the computer has several advantages and disadvantages for humans. If it saves time, increases productivity, and provides multitask functionality. Then it also increases cyber crimes, plastic waste, and several platforms to distraction. Hence it is up to you how wise you are and how you use your computer. Because these two factors will affect how much benefit you can acquire from the computer.Hence in today’s article, we learned about the advantages and disadvantages of computers. If you want to keep learning such fantastic stuff, keep reading other blogs on our blog.

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