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Another honor for Anadea! We are one of the Best Ruby on Rails Developers in the world declares!
In a press release by, a leading ratings and review company for IT service providers, Anadea has been declared as one of the top Ruby on Rails developers!
Why Ruby on Rails is a good choice for software development
Ruby on Rails is one of the most efficient programming languages. It might seem like a too structured language to a novice programmer, but to the trained eye, Ruby on Rails is a charm to code. Everything is well defined in the language and the programmer needs to follow a particular structure in order to code. This feature of Ruby on Rails ensures that any new programmer would be able to decipher the code within a matter of minutes which is not possible with other programming languages. The debugging time is also reduced leading to a reduction in overall time to market of the application.
Ruby on Rails has another cool feature, gems. These little plugins really help in integrating features like security, debugging and content management with ease into the software. There are literally hundreds of gems available in the market, developed by a large support community. By using gems developers can build the applications quickly which again reduces the time to market of the application. The top Ruby on Rails development companies wouldn’t agree more to this. Further, startups like Airbnb and Shopify have their platforms based on Ruby on Rails.
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About Anadea
Anadea started its journey in 2000 and since then we have worked with an incessant focus on delighting our customers. Now, we have 4 development centers in Europe with two being in Belarus and one each in Spain and Ukraine. Anadea has completed more than 200 projects since its inception.
Anadea provides a full bouquet of web services which includes, web development services, mobile application development services, UI design services, quality assurance, consulting and audit services, customized software solutions.
When a Hong Kong based e-learning company First Code Academy wanted to inculcate the habit of coding into young children, they approached us. We were excited to work with the passionate founder of First Code Academy, Michelle Sun who has featured in the BBC 30 under the 30 women entrepreneurs list. We took the agile approach and kept the management at First Code updated on the project development and progress at the end of every week. We overcame key technical challenges like integrating the screen sharing feature on various popular browsers in Hong Kong like the QQ and the 360 browsers. We used technologies like RoR, React JS, Node JS, Socket io, Firebase, webRTC, and Docker. The client was satisfied with the result which put a smile on our faces too.
Like First Code we have helped companies of various industries like healthcare, real estate, travel, ERP, retail and sports. Find more details about the solutions we developed and have a clear picture of our expertise.
Anadea’s profile on reflects the facts that we have kept special attention on keeping a balanced focus on our services, clients and industries served. This is one of the reasons that we are ranked as a leading IT service provider.
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