How to use WhatsApp web through a browser on a PC or laptop

How to access WhatsApp Web through a browser on a PC or laptop

Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone, tap the three-dot icon (or set up your device on iPhone) and select Paired Devices.
Click Connect Device.
On the device you want to access WhatsApp, go to in any browser of your choice.

It even works with Safari on iPad if you want to access it from a tablet.
You should now see a QR code on your tablet or PC screen; point your phone camera at them to connect them.
QR Code WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web automatically launches in your browser and remains active until you log out of your computer or phone.

You can do this on your phone by going back to the Paired Devices screen and settings, tapping on your device and then logging out.

You can also do this in your browser window by clicking the three-dot icon at the top of your conversation list and then clicking Sign In.

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