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Containerized Deployment
Containers and virtual machines
The private/public cloud
Microservices Deployment Strategies-Problems
Bare Metal Deployment-noisy neighbor Problem
Problems with VM Deployment
Problems with Shared JRE-Environment
Problems with Microservice Per VM
Containers (Or) Virtual Engine
VMs Vs/ Containers:
Virtual Machine Stack and Limitations
Container Stack
Microservices and containers
Introduction To Docker
Architecture&Key components of Docker
The Docker daemon
The Docker client
Docker concepts :
The registry, and
The Dockerfile.
Docker Installation
Chose OS
Install Docker
Start docker Service
Microservices Containerization and Orchestration
Stop docker
Uninstall docker
Docker Basic Commands
Docker Compose
Docker Compose file
Check the validity of the file
Run docker compose
Stop docker
Scale the containers
Docker Volume
Bind mounts
Advantage of Volumes over bind mounts
Create volumes
Run container on volumes
Remove volumes
Docker Swarm
Container orchestration
Features of docker swarm
Docker machine
Docker swarm node manager
Create worker nodes
Run containers on swarm
Scaling the services
Shutdown node
Leave the swarm
Microservices Containerization and Orchestration
Stop a machine
Remove machine
Remove service
Introduction to Kubernetes
Kubernates Architecture
Kubernates Setup
Installing Kubectl
Installing Minikube
Testing the Kubernetes Setup
Kubernetes Core Concepts
Creating a Pod
Microservices Deployment Patterns
Multiple Services per Host
Service per Host
Service per VM
Service per Container
Deploying Microservices in Kubernetes Environment
Creating a Pod with a YML File
Creating a Service with a YML File
Communication Between Containers
Deployments and Replica Sets
Scaling a Deployment
Auto scaling a Deployment

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