The Statement Regarding the Situation in Swedish Info Space

From the middle of November a number of bizarre statements like “Vi kan nu avslöja att en av de inblandade i att bygga den nya webbsidan är en ukrainsk högerextremist.” – “We can now reveal that one of those involved in building the new website is a Ukrainian right-wing extremist.“ (translation from swedish) and mentions of Bulletin, a Swedish e-newspaper, which is under the Anadea development, appeared in Twitter, Facebook and Medium, propagated by Max V Karlsson (nickname in Medium).
We, the representatives of Anadea, are deeply concerned about the insinuation, being spread via internet media in Sweden. The insane allegations we see are far fetched and telling zero truth at all.
We asked our contractor, the QA engineer from Ukraine, whose picture is now widely discussed about the organization, which symbol we see in the photo. As he explains the hat and the t-shirt are dear to him, not because of the symbols, but because they were bought as souvenirs during his travels. QA engineer himself is rather without political attitude at all.
As to the insane allegations about Tryzub organization, the whole development and management team learned about the organization from Twitter and Facebook, as a result of this weird and unfair informational attack on our respected customer Bulletin.
The source of the data, which are that discussed, are the result of an unlawful behavior and unauthorized access to the testing version of Bulletin website. Currently this situation is under investigation.

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