Google's Free AI image classification tool

Does Cloud Vision Tool Reflect Google’s Algorithm?

This is just a machine learning model and not a ranking algorithm.

Images can play an important role in search visibility and CTR from the various ways that webpage content is surfaced across Google. Potential site visitors who are researching a topic use images to navigate to the right content.

Why Is An Image Classification Tool Useful?

The tool is a way to demo Google’s Cloud Vision API. The Cloud Vision API is a service that lets apps and websites connect to the machine learning tool, providing image analysis services that can be scaled. The standalone tool itself allows you to upload an image, and it tells you how Google’s machine learning algorithm interprets it.

What Is The Google Image Tool?

1. Faces. 2. Objects. 3. Labels. 4. Properties. 5. Safe Search.

In 5 ways Google’s image analysis tools classify uploaded images:

The “faces” tab provides an analysis of the emotion expressed by the image.


The “objects” tab shows what objects are in the image, like glasses, person, etc.


The “labels” tab shows details about the image that Google recognizes, like ears and mouth but also conceptual aspects like portrait and photography.


Propertie Properties are the colors used in the image.

Safe Search shows how the image ranks for unsafe content.  The descriptions of potentially unsafe images are as follows: – Adult. – Spoof. – Medical. – Violence. – Racy.

Text: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Google Vision has a remarkable ability to read text that is in a photograph.

Takeaway Google’s Vision AI tool offers a way to test drive Google’s Vision AI so that a publisher can connect to it via an API and use it to scale image classification and extract data for use within the site.