Top 10 Code challenges 

Beginners' guide

Radians to degrees

write a function in Python that accepts one numeric parameter. this parameter will be the measure of an angle in radians into degrees and then return that value.

Morse code translator

write a code in Python to create a morse code translator. the string can also have any special characters as a part of the morse code. the Python code should return  the morse code that is equivalent to the string.

duplicate letter character

Create a function in Python that accepts one parameter. a string that's a sentence. This function should return true if any word in that sentence contains duplicate letters and false if not.

decimal to binary

write a function in Python that accepts a decimal number and returns the equivalent binary number. the decimal number returned will always be less than 1024 so the binary number returned will always be less than ten digits long.

Decimal to hex

write a function in Python to convert a decimal to a hex. It must accept a string of ASCII characters as input. The function should return the value of each character as a hexadecimal string.

the ip address

Write a function to find the domain name from the IP Address. The function will accept an IP Address, and return the domain name that maps to that  IP address while using records of PTR DNS.

calculator function

Write a Python function that accepts three parameters. The 1st parameter is an integar, the 2nd mathmatical operator and the 3rd also be an integar. The function should perform a calculation and return the results.

hide the credit card number

write a function in Python that accepts a credit card number. It should return a string where all the characters are hidden with an asterisk except the last four.

Tic tac toe blocker

write a function that'll accept two numbers. these numbers will represent a position on a tic-toc-toe board. the function should return the number of the spot that can block these two spots from winning the game.

The discount

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